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PRECISE FINANCIAL SYSTEMS LTD (PFS) is a software development company indigenous to Nigeria that creates innovative and world-class solutions to complex problems. Prior to its change of corporate name in May, 1998, PFS commenced operation in July 1992 under the former name – PEE-AARR CONSULTING LIMITED. The change in corporate identity was in recognition of the company’s area of core competence, which is the provision of financial software. The advent of the company can be traced to the intellectual and professional beliefs of the founders of the company especially in the area of efficient resource utilisation vis-à-vis in the deployment of software in any organization. Its corporate slogan, “Simple Solutions…” puts things in the proper perspective that the company views them – simple and practical solutions at all times.

Today; PFS’ innovative and world-class solutions are running thousands of computers serving numerous clients both in Nigeria and in more than thirty-four (34) countries in Africa. Our cutting edge environmentally friendly software technologies include an integrated account reconciliation solution; multi-channel payment solution; end-to-end outward and inward cheque clearing solutions; cheque MICRisation and personalisation solution; national automated cheque clearing house switch, banking and finance solution; bonds and financial derivatives trading and monitoring solution; bureau de change solution; cooperatives societies solution; stock broking solution; billing and revenue collection solution. Others include card issuance and monitoring system; self-service and remote cheque deposit solution; pension remittance monitoring solution; project appraisal and monitoring solution.

Through these ingenious solutions, PFS has successfully positioned herself as a foremost force in the financial software development space of Africa. PFS holds numerous registered and unregistered product trademarks to her credit, such the CLIREC, iTELLER, PAYiT, CHECKMATE, BONDS, BDC PROFESSIONAL, CO-OP MANAGER, CARD FACTORY, PENSOL, APPLAUSE, APPRAISE, SYMPHONY, etc. These are innovative and simple solutions that serve many financial and non-financial organisations, some of which include  banks, federal and state government parastatals, insurance companies, oil and gas companies, Telecommunication and IT companies, stock broking firms, bureau de change firms, manufacturing companies, airlines, hotels, health management organisations, logistics firms, among others.

Over the years, PFS has worked with many agencies and partners to deliver financial software services to her teaming clients. These partners include Microsoft Corporation, IBM, SAP, Ernst Reiner Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany, Arit of Africa, and International Marketing Partners. PFS has been ostensibly recognised on various fronts in the software development and financial software services space down through the years. The company is a member of the Presidential Initiative for developing the software industry in Nigeria and a member of the CBN working group on Automated Clearing House and Cheque Truncation. It was celebrated recently by the prestigious CFI Award in London as the Winner of the Best Banking Solutions Team in West Africa. The 4th IT Edge West Africa Convergence Forum also honoured the software house as the Innovative Leader in Financial Software Solution and as the 4th of the top 50 West African IT companies. PFS is also the winner of BoICT Award as the 2013 Indigenous Software Company of the Year; Africa Innovation Awards 2014 winner as the Financial Software Solution Provider of the Year; International Business Star, Accra, Quality Awards 2014 winner as Best Software Company in Africa 2013 for software development excellence and sterling support services.

Yele Okeremi, in his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of Precise Financial Systems, constantly engages in mentoring and maturing young technology start-ups at incubation hubs in the Yaba Technology ecosystem. Honoured to chair the Local Organising Committee of the DEMO Africa event for the two consecutive years, 2014 and 2015, Yele helps to promote and launch African technology start-ups to international acclaim. Ogun State’s chapter of the Nigeria Computer Society also appointed Yele in 2015 to be the life patron of its newly established Young I.T. Brains club in recognition of his consistent support to upcoming generation of Information Technology entrepreneurs and practitioners.

With the rising business costs, stricter regulations, and spiking software acquisition costs many companies, including multinationals, have been searching for locally developed, locally supported, more environmental users friendly and cost effective alternatives. PFS is presently offering these benefits to the African market. It has been estimated that the average investment for financial software importation annually by Nigeria companies is in the range of four (4) billion US Dollars. PFS is poised to reversing this and see this become an ROI (Return on Investment) for the national economy while positioning the company as the most admired and most preferred company in her domain of business.

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