Bonds Trading & Monitoring Solution

This solution is a complete web application that enables online and real time Bonds trading transactions. The system is designed with the best of flexibility in mind while taking cognizance of the information requirements of the organization. With this solution, operation, strategic and control obligations as regarding bonds dealing are effectively addressed.


1. Effective control and supervision of Bonds activities
2. Ease of deployment web-based
3. Enhanced service delivery due to systems platforms
4. Enduring and elastic systems that accommodates growth
5. Affordable total cost of delivery
6. Local support availability
7. Access to PFS’ wealth of experience in application systems consulting


1. Primary Market Purchase of bonds
2. Secondary market purchase of bonds
3. Collateralised borrowing and lending with bonds
4. Redemption of bonds
5. Third party bond buying and selling
6. Limits monitoring
7. Correspondences relating to deals
8. Interest accruals
9. Comprehensive reporting
10. Mark to market
11. Accounting and double entries
12. Daily trading transactions
13. End of day operations
14. Reports/letters,amongst other areas
15. Data migration/capture phase(on-going)


The current reports have been currently deployed on;
1. Bond Issue positions
2. Bonds Purchase and Sales
3. Fund Transfer
4. Bond Holdings
5. Bonds Daily report

There are other standard accounting related reports including;

6. Account Entries
7. GL Statement of Account
8. Customer Statement of Account
9. Trial Balance
10. Balance Sheet etc


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