iTeller is a complete suite of automated cheque lodgement and processing solution which comes with multi-functional application and capability.

This solution combines software and hardware to provide a scalable and state-of-the-art automation with seamless abilities for absorbing technological and operational growth in the future.


1. Consistently excellent customer experience, including instant transaction notice and charges advice where applicable.
2. High quality customer service quick, efficient and effective services, including customer’s ability to perform transactions outside banking hours
3. Reducing time consuming manual transactions thereby enabling the cashier to focus on other customer requirement;reducing the man-hour required to attend to other customers’ needs.
4. Effective workflow for back-office management
5. Reduced time and effort in processing customers transaction e.g cheque book issuance, cheque deposit, manager’s cheques among others
6. Effective cheques lodgement control&m monitoring of cheques beneficiaries
7. Auto double entry generation and posting.
8. Availability and dissemination of reliable and up-to-date analytics on all transactions at the terminal
9. Local support availability
10. Affordable total cost of delivery
11. Access to PFS’ wealth of experience in application systems consulting as regards cheque personalisation/MICRization, cheque clearing transactions and reconciliations.


Self-Service Customer Requests Module
It provides stress-free, instant requisition by the customers and cards’ personal identification number(PIN) requisition

Self-Service Statement Enquiry
It provides the customers the opportunity of self-service salary overdraft application; the customers supplies all necessary information required for back-office loan request appraisal and approvals.

Self-service Account Openning & Closure(for existing customers)
This module makes it possible for the bank’s existing customers to open a new account (e.g. Savings or Fixed Deposit) using their ATM card on the self-service terminal

Stop Payment Order
It allows a customer to issue a stop-payment order for issued cheques.

Self-service Local Money Transfer & Other Services
It provides an avenue to local money transfer from one account to the other while the banks earns its commission on the transaction automatically; all accounting entries are generated and posted instantly.

Other ancillary services such as phone airtime purchase,cash card funding and top up are available to the customer 24/7.


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