PAYiT is a complete multi-channel payment system that incorporates detailed and flexible transactional workflow in payment up to validation, accounting, online signatures, payment register, multi-channel funds transfer, printing and entry posting.


1. Payment fraud eradication
2. Consistent and elegant payment document
3. Drastic reduction in time required to process payments
4. Complete elimination of manual input into payments
5. Efficient & secure payment process etc.


Security & Control
Access to the software is generally controlled through password, the renewal of which is periodically enforced

Access Control
Access to specific feature on the system is further controlled to ensure adequate segregation of duties-Module Restriction.

Unlimited & Flexible Payment Instrument Templates
PAYiT maintains user-definable payment instrument templates including cheques and banker’s requirement for electronic transfer. This feature offers flexibility in defining peculiar attributes of different layout of cheques and format for electronic data exchange with bankers for any given customer’s/contractor’s account.

Online Endorsement
PAYiT offers an option for online endorsement/signature/approval of payments irrespective of desired channel through which the payment is to be effected. The endorsement of authorized signatories are captured and maintained in a machine-readable form only.

Flexible Query
The system allows for series of queries based on each or combined of objects on each record. All queries can be viewed, printed and even exported to diverse file formats including HTML, Microsoft Excel, Plain Text and DBF in standing report format.

Flexible Print Device
PAYiT does not require any specialized printer to operate. It is applicable to any windows-configurable print device, whether laser-dot or matrix technology.


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