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A Celebration of 25 Years of Innovation

On May 14, 2019, Precise Financial Systems Ltd. threw a party to celebrate 25 years of breaking barriers in software development. From July 1992, when it got registered as PEE-AARR Consulting Limited to when it changed its corporate name in May 1998 to PFS .


The area they are in the IT is the area that should be celebrated bank-wide.

For reconciliation, we used to spend New Year in the bank...To sustain your marriage those days was very difficult because most of the problems you had in those days was reconciliation.

Most of the success of Nigerian banks revolve around the success of Clirec. You are competing well with other world-class products.

Moses Adedoyin. Board Member, Stanbic-IBTC- Developer

“I have known PFS team for over five years and clearly it’s been a journey of growth. When we [NIBSS] looked for vendors that can give us a solution that will speak to the needs of the people, we found the PFS team”

Christabel Onyejekwe
Former ED, Technology and Operations, NIBSS

PFS is a world-class organisation. Because they are based in Lagos does not make them local. I can tell you that there is nothing they are giving here that cannot be used anywhere in the world.

Moshood Adelotan

They are one of the most responsive companies and when it comes to addressing customisation, we can recommend them as very reliable.

Joshua Adom
Group Manager, EcoBank International

“Everybody knows Accounts Reconciliation is T+1…But now we are now doing T+0. We give report in the morning, we give report in the evening. Clirec is really working for same-day Accounts Reconciliation.”

Clara Elegbeleye
Head, Reconciliation Unit, Stanbic Bank

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