Company Profile

PRECISE FINANCIAL SYSTEMS LTD. is an indigenous software development company. Prior to its change of corporate name in May, 1998, PFS commenced operation in July 1992 under the former name – PEE-AARR CONSULTING LIMITED.

Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our team are able to identify the best opportunities whether we are in good times or bad times. Good times provide growth in our portfolio and bad times, despite the potential negative effects, can provide opportunities.

Its corporate slogan, “Simple Solutions…”, puts things in the proper perspectives that the company views them – simple and practical solutions that breaks barriers and change the status quo at all times.

Today; PFS’ innovative and world-class solutions are running thousands of computers, serving numerous clients both in Nigeria and in twenty-seven (27) countries in Africa. Their cutting edge environmentally friendly software technologies include an integrated account reconciliation solution; cheque and e-payment processing, security & remittance solution; end-to-end outward and inward cheque clearing solutions; cheque MICRisation and personalisation solution; banking and finance solution; bonds and financial derivatives trading and monitoring solution; bureau de change solution; cooperative societies solution; stock brokering solution; billing and revenue collection solution.

Others include card issuance and monitoring systems; self-service cheque, cash, & card deposit and withdrawal solution; pension remittance monitoring solution; project appraisal and monitoring solution. Through these ingenious solutions, PFS has successfully positioned herself as a foremost force in the financial software development space of the nation.


Our Vision is to be the most admired and most preferred company in our domain of business operations.


Precise Financial Systems is the bridge between the front-office and the back-office of organizations. We ensure that optimal technology is employed to have a straight-through-process, right from the transaction source up to the processing and reporting point. We believe that optimal technology does not necessarily translate to highly expensive technology. In doing this we employ the best in man and material resources.


We recognize that our clients are our ultimate teachers and instructors. No solution is worth the while if the user does not think it adds value.

We shall work with utmost sincerity to our counter parties and ourselves.

Our environment shall be conducive to germinating and nurturing brilliant ideas at all times.

We identify the value of individualism. Which is to say, Individuals are allowed to express themselves in the manner they feel most natural. We recognize that being different does not necessarily mean you are wrong.