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A Celebration of 25 Years of Innovation

On May 14, 2019, Precise Financial Systems Ltd. threw a party to celebrate 25 years of breaking barriers in software development. From July 1992, when it got registered as PEE-AARR Consulting Limited to when it changed its corporate name in May 1998 to PFS .


A Financial Software Solution for Co-operative Societies. ACAPELLA offers the best of flexibility both in features and ease of usage, while taking cognizance of the information requirements of the organization.



  • Reduced administrative input due to self-service.
  • Enhanced member service delivery due to systems platform.
  • Enduring and elastic systems that accommodates growth;
  • Affordable total cost of delivery.
  • Local support availability.
  • Access to PFS’s wealth of experience in application systems consulting.

Interested in getting ACAPELLA, the best loan and thrift management solution for cooperative societies?


Account Set-up and Maintenance

  • General Ledger (GL) Account Maintenance.
  • Members Registration & Maintenance.
  • Products Maintenance.
  • Subsidiary Accounts Maintenance.


Savings Accounts Administration

  • Multi-product savings administration.
  • Savings status enquiry.


Loans Accounts Administration

  • Multi-product loans administration.
  • Loans status enquiry.



  • Online membership registration.
  • Online loans application.
  • Online loans processing & approval.
  • Online Savings accounts enquiry.
  • Online Loans accounts enquiry.


Customized Requirement

The following are expected additional features :

Membership: Members bio-data to include bank details – name of bank, branch, sort code and account number.

Member status report including deductions details and accounts status.

Loans: Allow for multiple guarantor.

Need to enforce maximum ceiling for guarantors.

Lease Interest: Interest computation and payment/deductions are to recognize moratorium period – principal and/or interest payments.

Asset Management:

  • Three-tier structure for shares investment administration: Control GL – Subsidiary Ledger – Deals.
  • Tracking of details of shares investment in capital market.
  • Auto generation of double entries relating to investment/disposal deals.
  • Valuation of shares investment portfolio including analytics.



  • Dividend apportionment;
  • Journal postings;
  • Recurrent entries;
  • Parameter settings;



  • Balance Sheet;
  • Profit & Loss;
  • Loans Schedule;
  • Savings Schedule;
  • Statement of Account;
  • Member global exposure;
  • Log Schedule;


Systems Environment

  • Web-based
  • Real-time, On-line
  • Modular



  • Passwords
  • Access levels
  • Audit trail

Our Values

Our clients are our ultimate teachers and instructors, our goal is their satisfaction.

We work with utmost sincerity to our counter parties as well as ourselves.

Our work environment is conducive to germinating and nurturing brilliant ideas.

Individuals are allowed to express themselves in the manner they feel most natural. 

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