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A Celebration of 25 Years of Innovation

On May 14, 2019, Precise Financial Systems Ltd. threw a party to celebrate 25 years of breaking barriers in software development. From July 1992, when it got registered as PEE-AARR Consulting Limited to when it changed its corporate name in May 1998 to PFS .


CLIREC-Cloud is the Accounts Reconciliation for small and medium-size enterprises with a suitability for cost-effective solution.

It is still enhances the process that allows any organisation to eliminate 70% of annual write-offs of unreconcilable account balances, eliminate 100% paper work in reconciliation process, eliminate 100% human tampering with reconciliation reports, have 100% trail on all reconciled and unreconciled transactions.

CLIREC-Cloud domiciles all database and reports in the cloud and this eliminates at least 70% of human judgement from reconciliation processes and achieves intra-day account reconciliation experience for an investment amount considered one of the lowest in the industry.


For corporates
that are concerned
about full control
of their data
and IT infrastructures,
who have invested or
intend to invest
in hardware
requirements to
manage their
reconciliation functions.


 For individuals and SMEs
that prefer a pay-as-you-go subscription based payment model that takes away the burden of intensive cost of IT hardware and private cloud acquisition and allows them to redirect those resources to other critical business areas. 


For corporates that are concerned about full control of their data and IT infrastructures, who have invested or intend to invest in private cloud infrastructure, instead of physical hardware requirements, to manage their reconciliation functions. 


  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Accuracy and timeliness of information is very vital to effective decision-making process. CLIREC provides a means of achieving both efficiency in and effectiveness of account reconciliation process.
  • Investigations: In as much as reconcilable accounts are involved, CLIREC assist management in digging deep into previous reconciliation exercise.
  • Data and Reports Integrity: CLIREC assists in ensuring the integrity and completeness of data used in reconciliation exercises as well as the confidentiality of results of reconciliation. this is because reconciliation reports produced by the system are based on the reconciliation process and the results are taken out of the hands of the user.
  • Manpower Development: As is becoming of any computerized process, the use of CLIREC ensures low personnel requirement for account reconciliation exercise as the process now becomes less manual intensive and as much as twelve times faster than manual situations.
  • Reports Variety: Restriction to desirable reconciliation reports often exist in a manual system due to the tedious and complex process of gathering and presenting reconciliation reports. Clirec completely removes this barrier as the process of all reconciliation activities can be verified and corroborated through available variety of reports.


  • Convenience: CLIREC offers the convenience required for any average reconciling officer to focus on strategic and judgmental reconciliation-related issues while leaving the computer with the rigorous work of implementing mechanical activities and ensuring arithmetical accuracy of matched items.


  • Bank Charges Authentication: CLIREC serves as a most convenient and effective tool to validate bank charges like Commission on Turnover(COT) and interest on overdraft/loan


  • Frauds and Errors: CLIREC offers a reliable means of assisting the management in achieving early discovery of frauds, errors and/or omissions.

Our Values

Our clients are our ultimate teachers and instructors, our goal is their satisfaction.

We work with utmost sincerity to our counter parties as well as ourselves.

Our work environment is conducive to germinating and nurturing brilliant ideas.

Individuals are allowed to express themselves in the manner they feel most natural. 

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