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A Celebration of 25 Years of Innovation

On May 14, 2019, Precise Financial Systems Ltd. threw a party to celebrate 25 years of breaking barriers in software development. From July 1992, when it got registered as PEE-AARR Consulting Limited to when it changed its corporate name in May 1998 to PFS .


IGRHub is an integrated multi-tenant revenue collection and management platform with the following key benefits:


  • Multiple tenants access.
  • Outflows trapping module.
  • Fund reconciliation module.
  • Accounting entries generation.
  • Online payment capture.
  • Online revenue analytics.
  • Security.
  • Inflow trapping and monitoring module.
  • Interface core accounting application.
  • Auto generation of receipts.

Interested in getting IGR Hub, the best integrated multi-tenant revenue collection and management platform ?


Our findings from practitioners and stakeholders in government cycles in Africa reveal the following, which we identify as some of the current challenges facing the government functionaries in the management of their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) systems.

  • Inability to trap and monitor all inflows from all the revenue heads of the Counties in a transparent manner.
  • Inefficient payers’ billing and payments collection processes.
  • Inability for tax and other revenue payers’ to independently monitor and account for their payments and obligations to the county governments.
  • Lack of a platform that integrates, manages, and overviews the revenue flows of all the functionaries of the County in one place.
  • The lack of capacity to easily generate custom reports to reveal the activities and performances of the various entities of the revenue collection process such as the payers, payment channels, purpose of payments, periods of payment, etc.
  • The lack of capacity for the Counties to independently receipt the payers directly to pave way for the capacity to monitor individual payer’s payment performances against their obligations.
  • Lack of capacity to integrate the revenue collection process directly to the general ledger system of the Counties for maximum revenue flows management.

Our Values

Our clients are our ultimate teachers and instructors, our goal is their satisfaction.

We work with utmost sincerity to our counter parties as well as ourselves.

Our work environment is conducive to germinating and nurturing brilliant ideas.

Individuals are allowed to express themselves in the manner they feel most natural. 

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