Automated Accounts Reconciliation Solution

Financial losses that may arise as a result of an improper or unreliable reconciliation of accounts in a business concern are a source of genuine concern to the continued existence and profitability of many organisations.

A proper reconciliation system creates an environment for improvement on your accounting system, by identifying useful front-end packages that may be interfaced to it, in order to provide a better Management Information System within the organisation. 

It is in the light of the afore-mentioned, that we are pleased to introduce to you, our totally systems-based reconciliation solution-CLIREC, a suite of fully integrated accounts reconciliation modules with multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities that gives organisations complete control of all reconciliation functions and processes. The solution has been proven, tested, and tried in over 40 institutions, including financial and non-financial institutions, and in over 36 countries in Africa. 


  1. Cost savings on stationery and other resources
  2. Accurate reconciliation exercise
  3. An easy way of authenticating your finance cost charges e.g. interest and COT
  4. Low personnel requirement for reconciliation exercise
  5. Timely detection of fraud, errors, and/or omissions
  6. An efficient and effective reconciliation exercise
  7. Assurance of the integrity of results and data of reconciliation
  8. Facilitation of investigations arising from reconciliation exercise
  9. Availability of comprehensive reports and analysis for management use
  10. A more convenient reconciliation exercise


  1. Data capture (remote connection to third-party application, excel file, CSV file)
  2. Multi-currency and multi-lingual
  3. Automatic matching (1-to-1; 1-to-Many; Many-to-Many; partial, and reverse)
  4. 3-way reconciliation for core baking application, front-end processor, and e-journal files
  5. Security manager
  6. Probable matches tagging
  7. Query facility
  8. Unattended reconciliation
  9. Reports and analytics variety