PFS @ 25 Celebrations

The euphoria is yet to die down, the cameras still flash in the memory as Precise Financial Systems Ltd. [PFS] celebrated 25 years on May 14.

It was a day to bring out the fantastic dresses, pop the champagne and feast on a sumptuous dinner, but most of all, it was a time to look at the trail of successes, the bridges that were built and at the ones in the making.

Yele Okeremi, founding CEO and Managing Director said the 25th anniversary was a way of making a bold statement in all ramifications as to the stature, ability, maturity, and dreams of the company. “Deep inside of us we are lions and lions don’t eat dead meat.”

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  • Alabi Olanrewaju Joseph

    I want to be part of this organization principally to innovatively improve its software financial system by applying microeconomics tools in order to alter some key parameters.

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