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A Celebration of 25 Years of Innovation

On May 14, 2019, Precise Financial Systems Ltd. threw a party to celebrate 25 years of breaking barriers in software development. From July 1992, when it got registered as PEE-AARR Consulting Limited to when it changed its corporate name in May 1998 to PFS .

Product Implementation and Support


We are seeking for a service-oriented and self-motivated professional to join our Product Implementation and Support team. In this role, you will be Implementing, Installing, deploying, and configuring the company’s product/software. You will be tasked with solving complex technical issues and will also collaborate with team members across all departments to assist them with their technical requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Implementation, installation, deployment, and configuration of the company’s product/software
  2. Support and maintenance of the company’s application software
  3. Administration and Management of RDBMS Environments
  4. Investigating, troubleshooting, analysis, and solving reported clients’ issues
  5. Interfaces between clients and the company
  6. Facilitation of training for both users and technical team on usage of various company’s product/software
  7. Handling clients’ correspondences and documentation in relation to challenges encountered using the application.
Job Requirement
  1. Application Software Support: Proficient in providing support and maintaining application software, ensuring smooth operation and addressing any issues or challenges that arise.

  2. Database Technologies: Adequate knowledge of SQL Server and other database technologies, enabling efficient management and manipulation of data.

  3. Self-motivated: Ability to work with little or no supervision, demonstrating self-motivation and a resilient drive to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines.

  4. Proactive and smart: Possessing a proactive mindset and the ability to think critically and make intelligent decisions to optimize processes and resolve problems.

  5. Troubleshooting and problem-solving: Skilled in investigating, troubleshooting, analysing, and solving reported client issues, ensuring prompt and effective resolution.

  6. Client interaction: Proficient in interfacing between clients and the company, handling client correspondence, and documenting challenges encountered while using the application.

  7. Training facilitation: Capable of conducting training sessions for both users and the technical team on the usage of various company products/software, ensuring comprehensive understanding and smooth adoption.

  8. Microsoft technologies: Continuously updating knowledge in Microsoft technologies to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and leverage them effectively.

  9. Testing capability: Thorough understanding of internet infrastructure and experience working with formal testing environments, ensuring reliable and robust software performance.

  10. Communication and interpersonal skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with meticulous attention to detail, fostering effective collaboration and understanding with clients and team members.

  11. RDBMS administration: Proficiency in administering and managing RDBMS environments such as MS-SQL Server and Oracle, providing efficient database management.

  12. Project management: Familiarity with project management methodologies such as Prince2, ITIL, and CISA, offering valuable skills in planning, organizing, and executing projects.

Education and Experience

  • BS/BA degree in a relevant field.
  • 1-2 years of experience in a similar role, demonstrating a sound foundation in application software support and related responsibilities.


Note: The above qualifications and skills are important for the successful execution of responsibilities in supporting and maintaining application software within the organisation.

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