iTeller – A Customer Self-Service Solution

iTeller is a complete suite of automated cheque lodgement and processing solution which comes with multi-functional application and capability.Consumer Products


  • Consistently excellent customer experience, including instant transaction notice and charges advice where applicable.
  • High quality customer service quick, efficient and effective services, including customer’s ability to perform transactions outside banking hours
  • Reducing time consuming manual transactions thereby enabling the cashier to focus on other customer requirement;reducing the man-hour required to attend to other customers’ needs.
  • Effective workflow for back-office management
  • Reduced time and effort in processing customers transaction e.g cheque book issuance, cheque deposit, manager’s cheques among others
  • Effective cheques lodgement control&m monitoring of cheques beneficiaries
  • Auto double entry generation and posting.
  • Availability and dissemination of reliable and up-to-date analytics on all transactions at the terminal
  • Local support availability
  • Affordable total cost of delivery
  • Access to PFS’ wealth of experience in application systems consulting as regards cheque personalisation/MICRization, cheque clearing transactions and reconciliations.
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  • Self-Service Customer Requests Module
    It provides stress-free, instant requisition by the customers and cards’ personal identification number(PIN) requisition
  • Self-Service Statement Enquiry
    It provides the customers the opportunity of self-service salary overdraft application; the customers supplies all necessary information required for back-office loan request appraisal and approvals.
  • Self-service Account Openning & Closure(for existing customers)
    This module makes it possible for the bank’s existing customers to open a new account (e.g. Savings or Fixed Deposit) using their ATM card on the self-service terminal
  • Stop Payment Order
    It allows a customer to issue a stop-payment order for issued cheques.
  • Self-service Local Money Transfer & Other Services
    It provides an avenue to local money transfer from one account to the other while the banks earns its commission on the transaction automatically; all accounting entries are generated and posted instantly.
  • Other ancillary services such as phone airtime purchase,cash card funding and top up are available to the customer 24/7.

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