We can decide to compete, but we have decided to be complete with others to serve our offerings and expertise

The less said of 2021, the better. The wise thing is to look forward and here we are in 2022 and time to look ahead and focus on the potentials that comes with the new year. At the start of every year, a lot of resolutions are put forward and written. As a business, we can make a distinct prediction. Partnerships and collaboration will be the fuel that will power growth in a continuing Covid-19-ravaged business ecosystem and thus, it is important to assess the opportunities for growth and identify important partnerships to drive business sustainability and growth.

Precise Financial Systems Ltd is a wholly Nigerian tech company that has successfully helped design and deploy automated Accounts Reconciliation, clearing, and payment solutions in Nigeria and across 34 African countries. Our flagship Accounts Reconciliation solution, CLIREC, is deployed in eight major banks across Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.

As a proudly African company, we believe charity must begin from home, which reinforces our decision to establish a Sales Partnership Scheme – a collaboration and partnership tool. We understand the value of learning from our partners, which has helped us in designing and deploying world-class solutions. Notably, CLIREC was nominated for the BobsGuide award in 2019.

To be a world-class enterprise, available to every business, we can decide to compete; but we have decided to be complete with others; to serve our offerings and expertise to as many people that will need them throughout the world.

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Rewards for our partners

Short term – All partners regardless of their size, revenue and industry experience will be on the same level in terms of the rebate, Sales, and technical support from PFS and other associated benefits that will accrue in doing business with PFS

Rebate – Every partner on this level will have a 15% rebate on the license fee sold to the end-user

Implementation – 100% on implementation will accrue to the implementation team.

Onboarding – All new partners must, as a policy, fill the below document for registration and onboarding purposes and send it with supporting legal business documents.

Adewale Okubote, the PFS Channel Sales Manager says, ‘there is incalculable value in partnering with PFS.’ With almost 30 years’ experience in designing, building, and deploying solutions, there cannot be better tech products that add continuous value to clients than the ones deployed by the company.

“PFS built the exchange system deployed to NIBSS in Nigeria since 2017 and it has had no hiccup. The iTeller suite is in use by eight Nigerian banks and Clirec is the go-to solution for accounts and finance people who do not want the office to become their homes.”

Deployed across companies like the Ecobank Transnational Inc., which has affiliates in 36 African countries; Union Bank, UBA, Stanbic IBTC, to mention a few; PFS has proven its capacity over and beyond to all its clients and partners for 28 years.

An African proverb says “if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together [with people].” PFS will go far in 2022. Will you go with us?

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