PFS promises continuous successes at 25

The euphoria is yet to die down, the cameras still flash in the memory as Precise Financial Systems Ltd. [PFS] celebrated 25 years on May 14.

It was a day to bring out the fantastic dresses, pop the champagne and feast on a sumptuous dinner, but most of all, it was a time to look at the trail of successes, the bridges that were built and at the ones in the making.

Yele Okeremi, founding CEO and Managing Director said the 25th anniversary was a way of making a bold statement in all ramifications as to the stature, ability, maturity, and dreams of the company. “Deep inside of us we are lions and lions don’t eat dead meat.”

He added, “Yes we are black but we can do it!” PFS at 25 joined an elite collection of Nigerian companies that have stayed in business despite the challenging terrain.

With assured and consistent successes in developing simple solutions for Accounts Reconciliation, Cheque Truncation, Multi-Channel payment systems, Revenue Collection System, Cheque Micrarisation and Personalisation, and Thrift and Loans System – PFS continues to be the first amongst equals in software development, deployment and after-sales services.

Despite these successes, PFS is looking at the future with baby eyes – expectant and hopeful, believing the best is yet to come.

Okeremi is intent of ensuring the DNA of the company stays true – that of a champion, knowing that a champion is not the one that fails but the one who has more successes to call upon. 

Jeff Bezos said it well when he proclaimed: “As a company grows, everything needs to scale, including the size of your failed experiments. If the size of your failures isn’t growing, you’re not going to be inventing at a size that can actually move the needle.”

PFS is proud to be the developer of NACS, the software that runs Nigeria’s electronic funds-transfer system. This connects all the financial houses in the country. The company is proud to have given Nigeria the opportunity to be the first African nation to provide a T+0 cheque application system. The most famous solution from its stable continues to CLIREC, the accounts reconciliation solution deployed across 37 African countries and in France.

PFS is primed to walk the route of progressive success, knowing the future will be the present for those that dare today. The company is interested in developing solutions that will help ensure tomorrow is better than the present.

PFS offers customized solutions to help any client, in any field because we call them our teachers, to achieve their objectives and give them an edge over their competitors.

In addition, Okeremi said, “It requires a lot of discipline to become a champion – a pedestal PFS is braced to grace for many years to come because the DNA of the company is steeped in breaking barriers and changing the status quo.

Raise your glasses and felicitate with us…Here is to 25 years of simple solutions that break barriers and change the status quo.

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